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Alex Barrón

Hello - I am Alex Barrón.  I would like to welcome you!

I believe God has great things for you and wants for you to prosper, be in health, even as your soul prospers. My desire is to help you achieve your life goals and enjoy financial freedom, success and prosperity. 

My mission in life is to help bring the message of Financial Freedom to the world.  

My goal is to transform the world by sharing Financial Education with 1 Billion people over my lifetime.  I want to help people become debt free, grow their wealth, protect their family, and leave a wealth heritage for future generations. 

I believe that the best way to help people prosper is by teaching them to invest in themselves, learn to pay themselves first, learn to become their own bank, learn to invest, and to encourage entrepreneurship and compassionate capitalism. 

My hope is to serve as a role model and an inspiration for many generations that the American Dream is still alive and that anyone with a sincere desire to get ahead in life can do so.

I Dare to you Dream!  and Dare you to Prosper!


About Alex Barron

Background & Education

Alex Barrón was born in El Paso TX.  He grew up in Juarez, Mexico and El Paso TX.  He and his two brothers grew up in a Christian home.  His father is an entrepreneur, businessman, and role model. His mother is an inspiration of love and taught him to read, write and do math by the age of 3.  He studied Civil Engineering at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and graduated as a Top 10 Senior with a GPA of 4.0 in 1995. 

He received a National Science Foundation Fellowship. He graduated from Stanford University with a Masters in Structural Engineering in 1996 and an Engineer Degree in Construction Management in 2001.  He is a believer in Jesus Christ and is dedicated to the Great Commission - sharing the Gospel with all the world.  He is married and currently lives with his wife and children in El Paso TX.

Wall Street Career

 Since 2001, Alex Barron has been working on Wall Street as a financial analyst. He has advised institutional investors how to invest in the US homebuilding industry. He began his career with Franklin Templeton Investments. Then worked at JMP Securities and Agency Trading. He launched Housing Research Center in 2010. He has developed an impressive track record over the last two decades and is considered by many of his clients to be the top housing analyst in the nation. He was one of the first sell-side analysts to warn in early 2006 the housing bubble had peaked. He was the only analyst to accurately call the bottom of the housing crash in late 2011 to the day.  He once again warned housing would slow in early 2018. Then he saw the turn in the housing market and beginning of the new housing cycle in early 2019.  He launched Diamond Crest Capital in 2017 to help investors manage their money, grow their wealth and generate predictable passive income.  

Mission in Life

Alex Barron's mission in life is to share the message of Financial Freedom with the world and to help bring Financial Education to 1 Billion people over his lifetime.  He has studied the subject of money and finance for over 25 years.  He has given seminars on personal finance since 2012.  Through the Financial Freedom & Success Institute he has created a number of seminars that are impacting the world.  The Financial Freedom Seminar has been taught to thousands of people around the world and is helping families become debt free in record time.  He teaches people the importance of achieving personal security through Wealth Heritage.  He has also taught numerous investors and entrepreneurs how to achieve financial success and grow their wealth by learning to invest and grow their business.  His Dare to Dream Foundation has been instrumental in helping to alleviate poverty around the world and to enable poor children receive an education and hear the Gospel.  

Areas of Interest

Housing Research Center


Financial analysis and research of homebuilders and US housing market for institutional investors.

Diamond Crest Capital


Innovative investment solutions to Grow Wealth and generate Predictable Passive Income

Dare to Dream Foundation


Bringing hope, love and education to poor children all over the world.

Financial Freedom & Success Institute


Sharing Financial Education to help people Become Debt Free, Learn to Invest, Achieve Prosperity and Enjoy Financial Freedom

Wealth Heritage


Helping people Protect their Family, Grow their Wealth, Replace their Bank, and Leave a Legacy for Future Generations.

University of Success


Teaching the principles of Personal Development that lead to Growth & Success. Coaching people to achieve their Goals in Life and fulfill their Destiny.


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